Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blinks to come soon to iPhone/iPod Touch

Hello! I've started this blog so people can keep up with the development with an app that is coming out for iPhones and iPods relatively soon. It's called "Blinks". Blinks is a simple app that allows you to care for and mess with little virtual pets called "Blinks". Using your touch, you can interact with these beings in ways such as moving them, petting them, or giving them a spanking(if they're being naughty - or, if you're just plain mean >:D ) I, saintsalive, am the artist of this app, and pearapps(Sparks, on TouchArcade) is the programmer. I hope you keep up with this blog and learn more about Blinks as it becomes more and more ready to be published to the app store!


  1. I know it'll be good! Ignore them jerks on TA, Saints. :)

  2. Hey saints! it's skate! Looks Good! However, maybe you can give a few more activity options? And also, for business' sake, do not PROMISE weekly updates, don't end up like the PG reviews. And, unless you need money, make it free so I can get it. But I'm not forcing anything.