Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey guys! Pearapps and I got to talking, and after a bit, we agreed that maybe implementing OpenFeint into Blinks would be cool. If you don't know already, Feint is a social networking system where you can keep track of scores and leaderboards. "But saints, there are no scores in Blinks! Didn't you say there were just pets?" Exactly. But here's where this comes in. Each player could have "Mean points" and "Nice points", keeping track of how much they hit or pet their blinks. By looking at someone's profile, you can tell how they're caring for their pets. Think someone is good? Add them as a friend!

We need your opinions on this and how you'd like to see this feature implemented. Please leave feeback!



  1. i would love that and your put goes up in levels and get achievements for a high level and other things and evolve at a level and turn into diffrent things depending on the pet mood at that time