Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blinks v1.1 update out!

Wow! I was on vacation and didn't notice the new update was out. Well, let me explain v1.1 to you guys if you don't know already...

In this update, you can do some cool new features. The first and most wanted feature(Even before Blinks came out!) is Customizing. you can choose a new color - Red, Blue, or Green - for each Blink! You can customize the Blinks from the Blinks menu. Which is your favorite color of Blink? Comment!
Next feature - Naming! The 4 Blinks come with hilarious default names, but by going into your Main Settings app you can change the name of each Blink. What did you name your Blinks? Comment and tell me!
The last but DEFINITELY not least is feeding. You can press the new Food button to drop some Blink chow into the environment with the Blinks. Drag the food to a Blink and he'll eat it up with a satisfied "Yummy!!!". You also get a lot of nice points!

So, how do you like the new update? Tell me with a comment, and keep watching the Blinks Blog!

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