Saturday, December 12, 2009

More sneak peeks!

As the game gets better, and the release gets closer, I decided I had to show a little more of what's going on since a lot of things have been improved.

(Click to view in full-size)

In this picture, one humble blink swims about. Remember, you can have up to ten Blinks on screen at a time!

As you can see, I have bought all the features in this pic. This is STILL not all the features that will be unlockable on release! There are also some backgrounds towards the bottom, which there will also be more of. Look, the Blinks logo is winking at me! XD

Look, I'm petting this Blink. Even though you can't see it now, the animations, such as the petting, are smoother.

3 words... OM NOM NOM.

Woah! everything is on. And what is with the falling snow? What's peering out of that cave??? It sure looks hungry...

Yikes! I guess the cave creature IS pretty hungry.

Our little blink friend has encountered a grenade and is not quite sure what to do with it. And no, that's not a monocle, it's a bubble, although it is quite funny :)

So, that's it for the sneak peek, and Blinks should be coming out very, very soon! Hope you like it!


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