Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wahoo! Blinks has been released!

WAAAAA-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blinks is finally released, after months of hard work, to the public! :D

Description: Once upon a time, in a land far underwater, lived little tiny creatures called Blinks. They swam and played and lived naturally... until you came along. Now, you can help the Blinks succeed in life or cruelly abuse them in this long-awaited game from nGen games! Call Blinks to the water or send them away as you wish. Pet them or hit them to earn mean points or nice points, which you can use to buy all sorts of cool unlockables from the fully-functional store! There are also several achievements that make playing the game fun and challenging. How will you treat your Blinks?

Download link: Click here
Online Play Link(Requires Yoyogames Instaplay - can be downloaded at the site): Click here

Thanks for all the support guys, and have a nice - and hopefully Blinky - holiday!

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