Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blinks 2 announced

Blinks 2 for the PC is coming! That's right, your favorite little blinky-eyed ocean creatures are making another appearance in a new game that's better than ever!

Here are some things you can expect:

Breeding takes on a whole new importance. In this new version, you'll have to test out your blink breeding skills with all sorts of colors! Combine the colors of Blinks by encouraging them to breed, and get an outcome that matches their colors!(Eg. Red Blink + Blue Blink = Purple Blink)

Go fish! There's a new way to get more Blinks. Go to the blinks' ocean homeland with your trusty fishing rod and plunge right in. You'll start seeing Blinks quickly, but if you're patient, you might see even rarer ones. Keep the blinks you catch in your trusty ponds and let them go when you need to.

More everything. Although it's not even to the beta stage yet, I plan on adding more of EVERYTHING. more things to buy, more achievements, more Blinks experience.

Of course, Blinks 2 will be free online and for download on PCs - sorry Mac users, if I could make it mac compatible I would in an instant. It's a huge burden to have it only Windows compatible - less customers :(

Hope you follow along as Blinks 2 starts to come together!

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