Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pearapps the jerk dev exposed

Ok, so I've been putting up with this crap for too long. So now I'll tell you exactly how my "Partner", Pearapps, behaves.

Ok so at first we got along fine. Then he started insulting me. I put up for it with a while. One day, he threatened me with keeping the app from being submitted if I didn't do what he told me. I did what he told me because, um yeah, I wanted Blinks to get published!

So then the app gets approved, right? So naturally I'm excited and post an article about its approval. I show Pearapps the article. He starts shrieking at me and insulting me because 'You can't talk about the Apple approval process on your app blog.' HELLO! Has anyone ever seen an app development blog? Do they post about their apps being approved? Yeah... look at the Pocket Blog... So, since he was so mad about it I removed the article anyway.

Then my friend Zack makes us a twitter for Blinks. And Zack gives me the password, and also Pearapps, because he's the developer. So what does Pear do? He changes the password on us because we were Following people and posting apparently irrelevant messages, such as "The update is out!". So now he has total control over the twitter. He changes his twitter name to, which confuses the crap out of our followers. I asked him to please change it back, since it was confusing all our loyal members. "Yeah, all four of them," he said. There are actually a lot of people who bought the app... but I'll never know how many because "the sales figures are confidential". I mean, I can understand that, but he was such a jerk about it it was just bad. Whenever I accused him of being a jerk or being mean, he would act all innocent. I just put up with it for a while because I wanted Blinks to keep moving.

So today, literally today, he contacts me and says the next update is ready to be submitted. Which would be cool if he had used the drawings of the pygmy blink I slaved over. But instead, his update he's about to submit is only adding advertisments. Nope, not those Pygmy Blinks that you were looking forward to... ADVERTISMENTS. in a paid app. So I told him, wouldn't it look kind-of cheap to put ads in a paid app? And he said, so? And I asked him why he wasn't adding the pygmy blinks. Apparently I never sent them to him. Which is a total lie. I remember making them, one of the reasons is because one of the animations I slaved over for literally an hour, he said wasn't good enough and to just make it just like the other blink animations. So I tried to change the subject, he switched it back. He suddenly got all mad at me, for no reason, and said "You're going out of the credits." An app with my art, me not credited? Is that even legal?

Pearapps, if you're reading this, you can pull the app now if you want, I don't care, you're not going to get to me. Everyone DO NOT update Blinks because all it'll do is add advertisements. Sorry Pear, actually, I'm not sorry, but I just couldn't put up with this anymore. That, everyone, is the story of the jerk developer of Blinks.


  1. Wow, the dev is sorta mean...
    And BTW I have an app with ads... it sucks. =/

  2. What a dick, unlucky about him screwing around with your app....

  3. Forgot to add: After he gets on the twitter account he follows like 800 people...

  4. Jesus Fing christ!!

    What a major Dipsh*t!!!

    the reason most people bought blinks anyway was because YOU (Saints) made some art in it, and then maybe because PG was supposed to be in it.

    Anyway, just want to tell you saints, that im with you!

  5. Thanks! Soon I'll convert this blog to be about the computer version of Blinks that *I* am making. No stupid Pearapps involved. this one will have an entire store of upgrades to buy with mean/nice points as well as actual COOL achievements, not 3 dumb ones. And Blinks can have babies. Sound cool? Now consider I'm already 1/3 done with it.