Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blinks, for the computer, almost done!

Hey, it's me saints, and I just wanted to say that I am coming out with another version of Blinks. This one is for computers(More made for PCs but I will make it so macs can play over the internet) and it will be FREE. It will also have at least 15x the content of the dumb app that Pearapps made... er, tried to make. If you haven't heard yet, the new one will have:
  • A fully functional store for you to buy all sorts of nice and mean powers, such as Blink food(better version, where blinks ACTUALLY EAT THE FOOD) and shark attack, with your nice and mean points!
  • Better animations. Pearapps had removed some of the frames of the good animations I made because he thought they were "choppy" but in fact all he did was make it 5 times worse, the good news is that in this version, all the Blinks will have really cool and thorough animations for all their functions!
  • Achievements! Yes, there were achievements in the last version for iPod, but they lacked work and simply used OpenFeint(OF isn't bad but come on, the way Pearapps used it as such a crutch made me scared to go on OF anywhere for like a month). These are much better and have so much more effort into them, I made them all myself.
  • THERE WILL BE BACKGROUNDS. Better than the other version, and more. Hopefully I can get every winning entry in there from the Background contest!
  • Sadly, you cannot color/name your Blinks, but you are allowed to have 10 onscreen in this version. Maybe I can find some way to color them. If anyone knows what I mean, there is too much switching of a Blink instance to another for them to maintain a color variable. AKA, when you hit a blink he becomes an instance of the Blink jumping back, and therefore cannot maintain his variable of color. And when two Blinks breed(Just kissing!) they become one instance, which splits into 2 new instances, so it'd be near impossible to make this work.
Here are some screenshots(Click them to view in full size)

The new snazzy menu screen, click New Game or Load game to take a splash and enter the Blinks world!

In this photo, Blinks galore! They're swimming around and playing.

I got an achievement! Note that I am just over 50 nice points...

Cool! I got an achievement, Friend to Blinks, for getting 50 nice points!

And look oh look! An entire store! Right now it only has two items but on release it will have a TON of stuff for you to spend nice points and mean points on, including backgrounds.

I hope you look forward to the REAL Blinks, and I hope the sneak peek ties you over!


  1. Cons- u can't customize ur blink and I can't play on the go


    Dude I am with you all the way and since you are doing this and not the loser, plus I've seen a lot of your previous work, I know it will rule :D

    I've had experience with bad devs *cough* hardcore *cough* so I feel you, by the way does pearapps ever read this blog? And damn, have u seen his new app? I don't even know what it is :P

    I'll shut up now.....

  2. I hope he does read it! He deserves this kind of criticism. If not, what a shame, too bad. I at least hope he learns a lesson about NOT being a jerk to the people he agrees to develop for. I still wonder why I didn't just develop it for the computer on my own. But... now that I am, I will actually listen to ideas and make things that I am capable of instead of being a pear(heh) and ignoring all comments. I hope everyone enjoys Blinks for the Computer!